Soap and Herbs

An Old, Bearded Guy Who



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An old bearded guy that makes soap.  That's me.


My soap shop is located behind my home in the foothills of Western North Carolina in the small Town of Catawba.  I started our business in February 2019 from the kitchen counter top and fell in love with making soap.  I make a variety of soaps for retail and wholesale under our Fat Ike's Label as well as artisan soaps, beer, and wine soaps. 

Our soaps at Cinnamon Ridge come in a variety of choices for our customers.  Our soaps are all made in small batches and made with the finest of plant oils and butters.  We make our soaps in a traditional cold process method using lye that is mixed with either water, beer, or wine.  For our goat milk soaps, we add in a high percentage of goat milk which adds an extra benefit to the skin.


All of our products are made with natural ingredients and scented with a variety of essential oils and fragrance oils that we as a company purchase from highly reputable companies in the business of making products for soap makers.


As a soap maker, I personally hand cut each bar and cure it until ready for our customers. Our soaps do not include sulfates, waxes, unnatural preservatives, or any form of petroleum products.  It is a good old-fashioned bar of soap, made with pride, and creativity.

In addition to our soaps, we make candle wax melts from 100% beeswax.  Please try all our products.  We believe in all-natural products and in making things in small batches.  Thank you for supporting small and local businesses.

Jeff Isenhour

Owner - Cinnamon Ridge Soap Company