The Beauty of Our Soaps


Soap is not supposed to be boring.  It is not supposed to be commercialized, trite, or bland.  When we first started making soap, we made simplistic bars like a lot of other soap makers.  As we developed our company and techniques, we realized that soap is an artistic and natural expression.  While many may believe that soap is simply a product, it is much, much more...

Soap is the key to have a great experience in the shower or tub.  When an individual steps into their shower or tub, the interaction with your soap makes bathing move from an event to an experience.  It is the ultimate time to become clean, to find freedom, and most importantly - Find Relaxation.

We take great pride in making quality soaps that are balanced and beautiful.  They have both utility and art that is combined with great chemistry, quality, and expression.  When you combine these characteristics with fabulous fragrances, you have found yourself at Cinnamon Ridge.

Our company works to provide unique soaps that are different from other soap makers.  Our goat milk soaps not only include rich amounts of goat milk, but a combination of other oils and butters that nourish the skin and hair.  Our beer soaps are perfect combinations of malted beverage and ingredients that lather like no other soap you will ever try.  That is why we refer to them as "Bad Ass" in their name.  Our wine soaps bring a unique set of ingredients combined with the power of grapes to provided a super glow to the skin. Our artisan soaps are all unique and ever changing.

We make all our soaps in small batches and cut them individually by hand.  In our shop you will not find commercial soap equipment.  We mix in small batches using a process that is as old as time with a flare for creativity and originality.  

Please check out each section on the different soaps that we make.  Our artisan soaps are made in small batches and we are constantly changing out with new shapes and combinations of scents.  We do this to keep our customers constantly coming back to see what is coming next.

Most importantly, we want you as a customer to use our soaps for the ultimate in lathering and fun in the tub or shower.

If you want beauty and creativity, our artisan bars are the choice for you.

Our soaps under this class come in a variety of sizes, shapes, scents, colors, and swirls.  We make artisan soaps in small batches and decorate each bar.


Goat Milk Soaps


Goat milk is a gentle cleanser in soap.  Due to the richness of fatty acids found in goat milk it serves as an excellent moisturizer and exfoliating agent on the skin.  Fat Ike's goat milk bars are also rich in shea butter and hemp oil.  These ingredients along with the goat milk make for a perfect combination of moisturizers and lather producers.  All our goat milk soaps come packaged in a nice kraft brown box with the Fat Ike's logo on the front, a listing of our ingredients, and an explanation about the benefits of using goat milk soap.  Each makes for a great purchase for yourself or for that special friend or loved one.  

Irish Pub Guinness Beer

Fat Ike's

Bad Ass

Beer Soaps


Fat Ike's Bad Ass Beer Soaps are excellent for moisturizing skin and hair. The amino acids and Vitamin B found in beer soaps provide an extra benefit in each bar.  Our beer soaps are cool.  We work to leave each bar with an mountain topped shape or unique design.  Our recipe is awesome in that each use provides a luxurious lather with fantastic fragrances.  We highly recommend using our beer soaps as a shampoo bar.  You will not be disappointed with each bar. 


Red Wine


Red wine is found to be extremely beneficial for the skin. Packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol, and tannin, it protects the skin from aging by restoring collagen and elastic fibers.

Imagine adding this same power to a bar of soap.  The majority of our wine soaps are made with red wines.  Use them for their luxurious lather and fabulous benefits to the skin on a daily basis.

Modern Bathtub

Traditional Bath & Body Bar Soaps


While we love our artisan, goat milk, beer, and wine soaps, we would be negligent if we did not make a traditional bar soap. Our traditional bar soaps come in a variety of scents.  They are awesome soaps for those that want a contemporary soap with fabulous benefits.

Dog Soaps


Stop buying those expensive bottles of dog shampoo and switch to a simple all-natural bar for your fur buddy. Our Capt. Wagz Dog Soap is and all-natural bar that contains a fantastic blend of oils and butters to moisturize your dogs skin and coat.  The Capt. Wagz bar contains neem oil which is a natural insecticide that may help to repel fleas and ticks.  

Our Pets Are Special and So Is Their Coat and Skin