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Honey Beeswax 

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The Honey Bee is one of the most important creatures on the planet.  The wax produced by honey bees makes a clean, all-natural product to use with wax melts.  Unlike other waxes, beeswax lasts longer, is soot free, and pulls toxins from the air as the wax ionizes.  Because of these qualities, we make our candle melts out of  100% beeswax for your enjoyment and cut all by hand.  We do not use colors or other additives in our wax melts.  This keeps our products cleaner and healthier in your home or office.  Our wax melts come to you as wax melt cubes and brittle of various sizes packaged in a kraft colored sealed bag for safe keeping. We package our melts this way to allow you to choose the amount you need for your wax melting pot and provide you more product at the lowest possible price.   We thank you for trying our melts and hope to become your choice for all your purchases in the future.  We are grateful for allowing us to serve you with an authentic, natural product.  All our waxes and products are made in our shop and purchased from USA owned companies.


Wax Melt Choices

Our wax melts come currently in a variety of fragrances.  Try them all.